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TeamCity plugin - nuget package version changed (zero added)

BaggsBaggs Posts: 4 Bronze 1
edited July 9, 2019 6:29PM in SQL Change Automation
I run "Redgate SQL Change Automation Build" step in TeamCity using plugin "Redgate SQL Change Automation" version 5.0.1.
I have issue with generated NuGet package:
If my "build.number" has only major.minor numbers (eg. 2.5-beta.3) generated nuget package is MyPackage-2.5.0-beta.3. Actaully I have found function Get-NormalizedVersionString in PSModule.psm1 file that does that.
Adding 0 to version number for me is unnecessary, very confusing and problematic. Can we have this behavior removed or at least have a configuration option to disable it? 



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