Windows Service profiling - service abruptly terminates

NZJonNZJon Posts: 5

I am profiling a Windows Service and am having problems with the service being terminated prematurely. There seems to be two scenarios whereby the service is stopped:

1) After maybe 30 seconds or so
2) After maybe 15 minutes or so

Once the service has stopped, the blue "Stop Profiling" button on the ANTS Profiler console greys out, and shortly afterwards, the incomplete results are displayed.

There doesn't appear to be any pattern to this behaviour, and is unfortunately preventing me accurately profiling our code. Has anyone else experienced this, and is it a known issue with ANTS Profiler 4.1?

Many thanks,

Jon Pawley,
Senior Software Engineer,
Wellnomics Limited,


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    I think that ANTS Profiler is just crashing your service the same way that it could crash an executable or other type of application. You may try using the "simplify complex stack traces" option. Especially if the failure appears to be random, the cause may simply be that ANTS Profiler is causing a stack overflow, and simplifying the stack traces may help.

    You may want to check your event logs to see if there is any consistent cause for failure noted there.
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