Auto refresh databases when connecting to SSMS

Our system consists of 10+ servers with multiple databases on each. When I want to get the changes to commit, I need to move from server to server and database to database. I understand that it isn't a good idea to auto-commit changes into TFS, but is there a way to Auto-Refresh the changes need to be committed, so as I move from server to server the databases will already show if there are any changes to be reviewed and committed.


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    Hi @RichardT,

    I'm afraid not. :/ 

    While there's no way to automatically refresh the commit tab when outside of the tab, enabling Options>Indicate changed objects in the Object Explorer and update indicators every X seconds might help. The tab will still automatically refresh whenever it's loaded, but if that option is enabled, some of the work will be completed already and might give some improvement.

    (Note: This option has the downside of potentially slowing down Object Explorer though.)

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