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DevOps pipeline, SCA Firewall Issues

My database code uses the "TRIM" function which is supported in SQL 2017, but apparently not in "SQL LocalDB". I've set up an Azure DevOps pipeline with a Redgate SQL Change Automation task: Build a SQL Source Control Project. For the Temporary server type, I select SQL Server (SQL LocalDB will not work) and proceed to fill out the Server, database, authentication, etc. for a SQL Azure database I have.

The pipeline YML file gets updated with a task "RedgateSqlChangeAutomationBuild@3" with a lot of inputs. However, my database is behind a firewall, and it doesn't know about the IP Address the pipeline's agent is going to use.

There are a lot of inputs in the YML, but I can't find a definitive list of which ones are available, and how I might even begin to get past this issue.

Opening up the databases to all available MS/Azure IPs is a non-starter: it's also a terrible idea if you care at all about security of your Azure databases.

If I add a task of "Azure SQL Database deployment" (An MS-supplied task), there are options for different ways to connect, and there's also online documentation of all the available inputs for the "SqlAzureDacpacDeployment" task.

Has anyone else solved this issue? How can you use the Redgate SCA Azure pipeline task with an Azure SQL database that uses IP Address filtering?


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