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Active Directory Universal email usernames

  Seems like sql prompt may have a problem with a Active Directory Universal logins when they are email addresses.

 Is there a workaround or fix for this ? I see this error in the log when my username has [email protected]

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Cannot open server "" requested by the login.  The login failed.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!



  • RobynRobyn Posts: 124 Silver 4

    Thanks for your post. 

    We are not entirely sure why it has stopped working! The Azure AD logins just happened to work previously but were never tested by Redgate and therefore not officially supported.

    If it's an option to you, you may want to try SSMS 17.9.1 If its the SSMS 18 upgrade that you have noticed this issue in!
    Kind regards

    Robyn Edwards | Redgate Software
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  • Hello!
    This is still a problem in SQL Prompt running in SSMS 18.3.1. I installed SSMS 17.9.1 and SQL Prompt is working there using Active Directory - Universal with MFA support.

    Best regards,
    Vemund Haga

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