Can you schedule multiple database restores for the same day and time?

danny425danny425 Posts: 4 New member
I have about 40 restores that I am going to schedule from one database server. I currently have all of the databases back up each night at 7:00 PM. The question I have is, can I have each restore job be scheduled for the same day/time (Say every Sunday at noon)? Will it work similarly to the backup process? Or would I have to do them at different times?

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  • petey2petey2 Posts: 87 Silver 3
    You would need to stagger them.  The SQL Backup engine is a 32-bit application, and it can only access up to 1.4 GB of memory realistically.  Running 40 restores simultaneously will easily use up the memory it can access.  There is then also the CPU and storage device limitations keeping up with 40 simultaneous restores.
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