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What kind of support is available for MySQL Compare?

I haven't seen any new versions since I first bought it a year ago, I still have an outstanding bug request and it appears to be discontinued.  Can someone confirm?  Thanks.


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    Thanks for your question. Redgate has primarily been a SQL-Server-first company, but we've recently increased our investment in other database platforms, but starting out with Oracle. After this it's likely that MySQL and Postgres will follow. It's hard to commit on timeframes, but I'd be disappointed if we didn't see progress in in 2020. Sorry I can't be more specific for now!
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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    Sergey_KolbunovSergey_Kolbunov Posts: 1 New member
    I would tell more, there are no any updates for the last several years (5 at least). I've used your tools for many years because they are good and convenient, but now we are migrating to MySQL 8 (quite late, to be honest), and I found out that MySQL Compare does not connect to 8. That should not be a big deal to fix that, but with such absence of support I do not expect that to be done. Sorry, I have to find a replacement tool now, I really liked the MySQL Compare and MySQL Data Compare though.
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