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Lay Out SQL request

jamaljamal Posts: 47 Bronze 3
Can an option be added to keep BEGIN END blocks in line with their logical code? I like to see BEGIN and END directly below IF statements and loops like this:

IF x
<tab> --code here

and it seems Lay Out SQL enforces an automatic tab which makes it more difficult to find the end of the code block

IF x
<tab><tab> --code here


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    Thanks for the feedback. I've raised this as a feature request and logged it in the system. The SQL Prompt team will consider adding this extra option in a future version of the application. For your reference the feature request code is: SP-1662
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    I'd like to throw in a vote for this change as well. We're looking at using SQL Prompt to reformat our code and having BEGIN/END on the same tab stop is the IF/ELSE would be preferred.
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