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SQL Search Wildcards and escaping square brackets

undrlineundrline Posts: 2 New member
I'm searching for something along the lines of  ['+ @Linkedserver +'].dbo
Escaping square brackets with square brackets doesn't work.  What am I doing wrong?

"UNIX style wildcards" isn't helping me figure it out.  Could someone point me to a cheatsheet?


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    Hi undrline,

    The documentation for this can be found on the following page:

    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    undrlineundrline Posts: 2 New member
    While helpful, it's missing reserved words and characters that would need escaping.

    And, it looks like my issue is related to

    Square Brackets

    Square brackets around identifiers are filtered out of the index we create to provide fast searches, so you can't match on them even if you are using wildcard matching and escape them.

    But I'm not understanding what that means.  Does it mean to just leave them out of the search string, and it will assume that I don't care if there are square brackets or not?  What if the square brackets are the only thing that distinguishes my search constants?

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