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Can dependency checking be turned off in a build?

Is there a way to turn off db object dependency checking during a build when using SSC and SCA in an Azure DevOps?  We have several test environments that contain different versions of our databases (because of projects vs prod support).  So our build server database versions may be out of sync with each other at any time that a build occurs, sometimes resulting in missing dependencies.  If we could tun off dependency checking in the build, we could avoid this and the slowdown it causes to sync up the other build db server databases just for that specific build.  We would keep the dependency checking on in the release.


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    Andrew PAndrew P Posts: 194 Silver 3
    edited June 19, 2019 4:39PM
    There's a way to skip the dependency check via PowerShell but it is not surfaced in the Extensions - link to the PowerShell 

    That would create a project object then you could pass that to the New-DatabaseBuildArtifact and it would just package up that object without any validation.

    Which is one reason we don't surface it - we don't want to encourage customers to do a build with no validation - it doesn't fit with the DevOps/shift left/fail fast mindset. 

    Often times there are ways to do build validation successfully but it requires some creativity, like building on a Dev instance for cross-database dependencies that have not yet been introduced into Test.

    (PS  the Release does not do any dependency validation)

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