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MFA for SQL Search

KVigorKVigor Posts: 4 New member
SQL Search is inactive since my company switched to MFA SQL Azure. The mutifactor authentication seems to not be something that SQL Search can handle. How can I get SQL Search to work with MFA for Azure SQL?

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    Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    We had a chat about this and its something we'd like to do. It's not definitely a no, but please don't take this as a definite yes either. We're looking at consolidating the connection dialogue which would make the work easier so it may yet get done.
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    KVigorKVigor Posts: 4 New member
    Cool! And it only took 2 years. 😂

    Much appreciated. Now I have to decide if I'll still use the tool? Been a couple years without it. 🤔

    I'm grateful nonetheless.


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