Azure DevOps Plugin 3.2.2 breaking logging change

We have been allowing the Azure Devops builds to use the latest version for all builds. 

As of version 3.2.2 we found a new bug in the behavior. There appears to be a built in logger timeout that will kill a build if any script runs for more than 5 minutes. 
We have a pretty beefy pre-deploy script that takes between 6 and 10 minutes to run on at least one of our projects. 

As soon as this release came out we started seeing builds that had anything that would run for over 5 minutes fail with the following log message:

##[warning]Microsoft.Build.Exceptions.InternalLoggerException: The build stopped unexpectedly because of an unexpected logger failure. ---> Microsoft.Build.Exceptions.InternalLoggerException: The build stopped unexpectedly because of an unexpected logger failure. ---> System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException: Object '/d2d881f6_49bf_45ea_91e1_fd34f1c94579/dbd6yinz0yakkt9mwcfgjdr8_5.rem' has been disconnected or does not exist at the server.

I updated the build step to force an earlier version and the behavior reverted. Scripts could run for any time without the logger error forcing a build failure. 

While this bug is problematic, at least we are able to keep our builds successful by targeting specific versions for the DevOps plugin for now. 




  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 609 Rose Gold 5
    This might be caused by a bug and we would like to investigate this further.

    I have now opened a support ticket and will contact you through that channel shortly.
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