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I am trying to create my first set of SQL Docs and I am having trouble with "VIEW DEFINITION permission was denied". I have two datasets that I work with, one is in it's own database where I have full permission and here SQL DOCs works fine. The other is on a specific Schema in a database where I only have permission over that schema and not the whole database. I have two specific questions:

1. Is there anyway of creating an SQL DOCs limited to schema level (for example by disabling the documentation of server info etc)?

2. If not what is the minimum level of permission I need at database level? They are very resitrictive about granting too much permission here at my Company.

I would greatly appreciate any help I can get on this. I've spent loads of time creating extened properties within the tables of my schema and it would be a shame to waste them :)



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    Hi @Neil_C,

    SQL Doc uses the SQL Compare engine behind the scenes to do what it does.  SQL Compare requires as a minimum permission the VIEW DEFINITION permission - see this page

    I think beyond that, if you only have permission to objects in one scheme it should only populate those objects.

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