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SQL Clone Agent - VC++ 2017 runtime installation fails

alesadvzalesadvz Posts: 7 New member

I am trying to install SQL Server Agent on my PC, but the installation is failing with the following error:

Clicking 'Yes' to open the log does nothing, the installer just hangs when I click on it. I did not find any entries in Event Log either. I check if it logged anything in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Red Gate\Logs, but there was nothing SQL Clone related there.

The currrently installed version of MS Visual C++ 2017 runtime is 14.16.27024, I tried uninstalling it, but it appears that my SQL Server 2017 instance (version 14.0.2002.14) depends on it so I am a bit hesistant to do so.

I should add that I installed SQL Server 2017 using chocolatey and it is Chocolatey that installed the MS Visual C++ 2017 runtime dependency.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue before, and if so, how did you get around it?


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    alesadvzalesadvz Posts: 7 New member
    Decided to bite the bullet and
    1. force uninstalled the existing VC++ 2017 runtime
    2. installed SQL Clone Agent
    3. re-installed VC++ 2017 package in Chocolatey

    At first glance everything appears to be ok.
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