Copying Backups to S3 Storage

CamromereCamromere Posts: 7 New member
I am new to SQL Backup and am setting up my jobs now. I want to configure them to copy the backups to a specific directory in one of our S3 Buckets. In the Backup Job Configuration, I have selected "Copy backup to hosted storage", I have configured our S3 Bucket and it shows it is linked successfully. Under that, there is a "Folder:" location presumably to define into which folder I want the backup to copy. However, I've tried foldername\foldername and I've tried foldername/foldername, but the backups are not copying to S3. What is the format the specific folder needs to be in for the copy to S3 to work? The only error I see is this, which is not overly helpful:

5/20/2019 10:15:42 AM: COPYTOHOSTED error: Unable to upload B:\SQL_Backups\MiscDBs\master\FULL_(local)_master_20190520_101529.sqb to hosted storage (error 10 - Upload failed. The backup file was not copied to hosted storage: One or more errors occurred.)



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