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Can SQL Compare work with a disconnected network?

Can SQL Compare work with a disconnected network?

I'm looking at requirement for daily (nightly) synchronisation between two databases.

The complication is there is no direct connection between them, and I can only transfer text files, specifically SQL, between the two networks.

My simplistic approach would be on the source network, run a schema comparison between the current database versus the backup from the previous night to generate SQL with all the changes in the schema. Transfer the SQL to the other network. Apply the schema change SQL to the target database.

Could SQL Compare handle this?

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    David AtkinsonDavid Atkinson Posts: 1,451 Rose Gold 2
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    That should work. An alternative to the backups (as comparing to backups can sometimes be slow) would be save a schema snapshot from the target database and use this as the target to generate the script. To save a snapshot you can either use SQL Compare, its command line or a free utility called SQL Snapper (which is in the installation folder of SQL Compare, but can be copied out).
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