Is there a way to put SQL Server Templates into Source Control

Is there a way to add templates to source control without creating folders inside visual studio and adding existing items. It would nice if SQL Server had a Scripts folder for each database and\or at the server level. 

Or a stand alone source control explorer for RedGate.


  • Hi PPutzback,

    Unfortunately, we do not have a way of adding objects to directly to Source Control through the product. This request has come up before, and has been submitted as a feature request on the Redgate UserVoice portal for SQL Source Control.

    Can you please comment and/or vote on this existing feature request on our SQL Source Control User Voice Forum?

    The User Voice forum is the place to submit feature requests, the more votes and comments a topic receives will increase the chances of it being included in a future version of the product. The Product Managers and Development Team actively monitor the User Voice forums. At this time the topic has 4 votes and one comment.

    Kind regards,

    Mac Frierson | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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