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"Source code is not available" for assembly built with Microsoft.NET.Sdk format csproj

sfsf Posts: 16 Bronze 2
edited May 9, 2019 11:40AM in ANTS Performance Profiler

I have a solution containing several projects. Some projects use the old csproj format while other already use the newer "Microsoft.NET.Sdk" format. This newer format makes the project .Net Core ready and does not contain the complete list of files (all .cs files in the folder are considered to be part of the assembly and built as such).

The main executable use an old format csproj, and reference some projects using old csproj and some projects using newer csproj. 

The overall target is .Net Framework 4.6.1

When I profile this application using ANTS, all code belonging to assembly using newer csproj is considered to be external code whose "source code is not available". 

I don't have the "pro" version so this basically prevents me from getting any useful information regarding all my code which is part of newer format projects, since I only get rough level method timing information.

Any help appreciated, thank you in advance.


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    I was trying out the trial version PRO version on a WPF .NET Core 3.0 application and noticing the same. "Source code not available" while profiling the debug version with its source code right laying there. My project also uses the new csproj format.

    Looks like the support is not available here and the product not supporting .NET Core 3.0?!
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    sfsf Posts: 16 Bronze 2
    Yes, quite disappointing indeed. I have been in contact with the support team, and one possible options seems to be to change one default option in VS Project Properties, Build, Advanced and select "Full" for Debugging Information. This is supposed to create more complete .pdb files that ANTS is happy with... I have been able to validate that this "solves" the issue, but it may not be practical for other reasons (like: you have 1000 projects, or you cannot use "full" for a good reason). I am also not aware of any potential drawback of using "Full", so use it at your own risk.

    I did not test it with Core 3.0 specifically, only .Net framework.

    I don't know why the support team did not post this workaround here, or just.. replied.

    Basically, I am more or less not using ANTS anymore because of this, which is quite irritating since I paid for a 3 years license not so long ago. My feeling is that ANTS did not receive any significant update for years now, nor feature nor simple updates for supporting new technologies.

    It was once the best, way above the others, but now it looks more like a frozen old piece of software, when others are still improving their stuff at a high pace.

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    Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    edited October 23, 2019 10:42AM
    .NET Core 3.0 was released on the 23rd of September, so roughly a month ago. Support for it is coming, and it's coming soon, there have just been some issues to iron out.

    @sf there is no Support ticket, against your email address at least, for this error so perhaps you could post the workaround?

    As for no significant updates I would say that the release notes & features indicate a product under healthy development.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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    sfsf Posts: 16 Bronze 2
    @Russell D  I don't know why you didn't find a ticket, I had numerous exchanges on the subject, spanning month.

    Anyway, I did post the workaround is my previous message, it is:

    "change one default option in VS Project Properties, Build, Advanced and select "Full" for Debugging Information"

    For the rest: I just gave you my opinion, as a recurring paying user for something like 10 years or so now, you do what you want with it, no problem, it's you business, I guess you're not up to +/- 1 customer.

    I just notice that you didn't address the issue described here since May, 2019. The "new csproj format" is no longer that new, and other .Net profilers around have no issue with it. 

    Release note says: "Portable PDB support" as a new Major Feature of Version 10.0, back June 6, 2018.
    From the experiences reported here, it doesn't work. And this was the last significant feature you added, the highlight of Version 10.0

    Now, it's up to you to consider whether my input on your product worth paying attention or not. On my side I'll judge whether I wish to continue paying for it or not.

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    I've managed to track down your ticket, it was logged with a different email address. Looking back at that, it looks like at the time we couldn't reproduce the problem you have described, and indeed, I still can't.

    The ticket was automatically closed after a period of no response - after asking for a reproduction. So if you want to troubleshoot it, lets do that now - are you able to share a reproduction?
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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    sfsf Posts: 16 Bronze 2
    edited October 31, 2019 10:40AM
    Thanks for having looked into this, I didn't realize I used 2 different emails...

    Indeed: creating a shareable, stripped down version of my solution that still exhibits the problem was too much time consuming, I was not able to fit this into my work days within a reasonable time frame.

    Maybe @SmithJunior82 could help here.
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