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Looking to find out compatibility of current SQL Compare to Compare 10

jreccajrecca Posts: 7 Bronze 1
Hi all,

We are researching the benefits/drawbacks to upgrading our current version of Toolbelt (version 10, specifically SQL Compare).

We are a software developer and send a setup utility developed in VS to our clients to handle the setup process.

This process sets up IIS, configures the environment and most importantly, install or update the required SQL database.

Our current version is 10.
There are 2 key Toolbelt tools we currently use:
1) SQL Packager - to create the database on a new setup
2) SQL Compare (using SQL Compare SDK) - to compare a snp of the database structure that matches our new database structure against the client's current database, then updates (or does not update) specific things.

This is our only way to manage databases on new and updated software so it is crucial to our business.

We found that SQL Packager handles connecting to the SQL Server and creating a new database much more reliable then we have been able to, plus the SQL Compare SDK routines we employ have been super reliable and are flexible enough for us to only update what is needed in the database without clobbering SQL system settings...like SQL System Roles and Schema on our client's servers.

We create a library file of the generated Packager output and call it from our utility and we use the Compare API's to compare their old structure with the new snp.

Does the newest Toolbelt still have this capability and if so, is the process somewhat compatible (eg; API calls etc)?

Or is there a better (or easier) way to handle what we need to do using the latest?


John R

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