SSMS 18.0 support?

I've read that that SQL Source Control is supposed to support SSMS 18, but I've just downloaded the latest version installer of SQL Source Control and the GA release of SSMS 18.0, and it doesn't show up.

Is it officially supported yet?

(Using Windows Server 2012, if that makes any difference.)

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  • foolyfooly Posts: 3 New member
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    Didn't appear in any of the tools menus, but I managed to fix it.

    For anyone else reading this, I had two side-by-side installations of SSMS (17 and 18). To get it to work in 18, I took these steps:
    1. Open the old version of SSMS (where SQL Source Control still works)
    2. Enabled "frequent updates"
    3. Updated SQL Source control
    4. Searched for updates
    5. Updated to the latest version
    6. It now appeared in SSMS 18
  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
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    Yes that makes sense. Unfortunately we've had issues with SSMS 18 as I'm sure you've seen. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. This is still something I haven't been able to reproduce, even on my dev box which is about as far from a clean environment as you can get. It just works, every time.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?


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