Data Privacy Week: Navigating the New World

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From Europe's GDPR launch to updated legislation the world over, the global data privacy landscape has seen big changes over the past 12 months. 

Join Redgate and PASS for a week of events designed to help SQL Server teams navigate this new world.

When: Monday May 20 - Friday May 24

 Register for sessions: www.red-gate.com/dataprivacyweek

Discover what’s happened worldwide since the GDPR came into force one year ago and the butterfly affect this has had on data protection legislation around the world.

What: A week of free online events with Redgate and PASS

Monday May 20

Webinar - Global Data Privacy Tales: The GDPR Effect

Tuesday May 21

Webinar - Addressing Global Data Privacy at PASS

Wednesday May 22

Facebook Live - Get expert insights and Q&A with Redgate's Richard Macaskill

Thursday May 23

PASS Marathon: The New World of Data Privacy
Keynote: 10 steps you can take to be data compliant worldwide
Data Privacy and the Data Driven Professional
A Techie's View on Meeting Compliance
Masking sensitive data in Dev and Test
How GDPR compliant are you? – Centralized and Decentralized Duo

Friday May 24
DBAle Episode 12 
Whitepaper: The Global Data Privacy Roadmap  

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this fun and informative week of events.

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