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How do you add sql prompt to another target post install

I installed the updated to 9.5 then installed smss 18, but prompt doesn't show up. Rerunning the installation it doesn't give me the option to add extra targets as it thinks that version is already installed, repair also doesn't work.

How do I add my existing version of prompt to ssms 18 without uninstall? (I don't want to uninstall incase I lose all my settings/tab history etc).

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  • Tianjiao_LiTianjiao_Li Posts: 684 Rose Gold 5
    Hi @markradcliffe

    This is unfortunately not possible at the moment. Please feel free to post this idea on our user voice forum.

    To get SQL Prompt into SSMS 18, you have to uninstall and reinstall SQL Prompt post SSMS 18 installation. However, I'd like to assure you SQL Prompt doesn't delete settings when you uninstall/reinstall. They're stored in localappdata and the installer doesn't clear that out, so settings persist after reinstall. You can always backup the files to be safe though.
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