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SQL Prompt no longer works in SSMS

MonicaYMonicaY Posts: 5 New member
Last week I was having an issue with SSMS and when I launched it, it said there was a problem and asked if I wanted to rename a file. I clicked Yes and ever since then SQL Prompt does not work in SSMS. I tried updating SQL Toolbelt essentials to the latest, but it still doesn't work. What can I do?


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    You will need to re-install and delete the appropriate files.
    Can you confirm what version of SSMS that you're running so that I can give you the full list of files to delete?

    Sean Quigley | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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    MonicaYMonicaY Posts: 5 New member
    I'm running SSMS 2014.
    I was able to resolve it by uninstalling and reinstalling SSMS and Redgate SQL Prompt.
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