SQL Source Control slows down SSMS drastically

SSMS is running very slowly after installing Source Control. I have disabled all the options and even tried unlinking my database. When right clicking on an object, it takes almost 30 seconds for the menu to load, and because of this I need to be very careful, or I'll need to wait again if I pressed any buttons or clicked the wrong object. I just upgraded to SSMS 18 and the issue is still present. What can I do without installing Source Control?



  • Hi Jonathan, 

    If Object Explorer is slow to respond with SQL Source Control, it may help to disable the automatic polling option - if you haven't done so already!

    You can disable this from Options>Indicate changed objects in the Object Explorer and update indicators every X seconds. Please untick the option, restart SSMS, and test.

    If the issue persists, it may be due to the object locking feature. You can disable this too!

    1. Close SSMS
    2. Open the file %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Source Control X\RedGate_SQLSourceControl_Engine_EngineOptions.xml in a text editor
    3. Add the tag to disable object locking as below
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <EngineOptions version="3" type="EngineOptions">
    4. Restart SSMS to test. 
    Besides this, if you are still experiencing unusable response times, please could I ask that you log a ticket with support so that we can request a bit more information from you? 
    Kind regards

    Robyn Edwards | Redgate Software
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  • jmbeachjmbeach Posts: 1 New member
    I've found that you can stop the RedgateClient service (from task manager) while you're not using SQL Source Control and SSMS is much faster.
  • vjacob1vjacob1 New YorkPosts: 45 Bronze 1
    What do you have to do when you want to use SQL Source Control again - restart SSMS???
  • JonathanCJonathanC Posts: 8 Bronze 1
    @vjacob1 I've found that using the latest version of SSMS (2019 currently) works much better with SQL Source Control and doesn't time out nearly as much. SSMS is fully backwards compatible since it's the version/compatibility mode of SQL Server running on the server that matters.
  • vjacob1vjacob1 New YorkPosts: 45 Bronze 1
    @jmbeach - Just want to confirm which version is it 18.9.1 if not - how did you obtain a copy of SSMS 2019??

    I have noticed the version is above after installing the latest SQL Source Control Version 7.2
  • JonathanCJonathanC Posts: 8 Bronze 1
    Looks like I am running a slighter lower version, actually, as I haven't upgraded to the newest one yet. But yes, I just meant to make sure you are using the latest version downloaded from Mircosoft as SSMS isn't licensed and fully backwards compatible so there is no reason not to use the latest version.

    I've also noticed it's a little faster with Git source control (I was using SVN). Not sure what you are using.

    Download link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms?view=sql-server-ver15
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