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How can I tell the version of each lifecycle database using SSC?

With SCA, I can use the __MigrationLog table and its columns like Version, PackageVersion, and ReleaseVersion to see all of the changes applied to a lifecycle DB (dev integration, QA, UAT, prod) along with DB version info.  I am not seeing something like this in SSC.  Am I missing something?  I want to see the "version" of my DB in every environment.  Hoping the answer isn't DLM Dashboard.



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    AlexYatesAlexYates Posts: 264 Rose Gold 2
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    SQL Source Control does not do this out of the box. Neither do other state based source control tools. SQL Change Automation (and other migration based tools) give you this as a side-effect of the deployment process, not solely for auditing purposes.

    Most people manage what version is deployed where in a separate tool. Something like Jenkins, Octopus Deploy or Azure DevOps Services. This is consistent with, for example, the way most people manage their application releases. It's unusual to update the application in some way just so you can see what's deployed.

    If you were desperate to achieve this in the database, you could add a post deploy script to your deployment process to (for example) squirt the upgrade script, a timestamp and the Octopus release number into an auditing table. This would provide similar functionality to what you get with an SCA project.

    Or you could use DLM Dashboard. 😉
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