How to ignore the column order

I have unchecked the box " Force column order" under options.   
I hoped that would be equivalent to "ignore" column order.  But several my databases have tables with identical table definitions except for the column order.   Is there a way to ignore this?  It's not a difference I want to review or deploy.  I don't want to suppress any tables by name.  I only want the comparison to ignore a difference of order only.


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    Hi @jfarina,

    The "Force column order" will ignore the column order when deciding if two objects are different, but it will still highlight textual differences in the comparison view at the bottom of the comparison window along with any other differences.

    In my example here, the two tables have compared as identical, but the columns in different orders are still highlighted in the window at the bottom:

    If there were other differences that made these two tables different (e.g. a col4 on one side) then that in addition to the textual differences highlighted above would all be highlighted.

    I hope this helps clarify how it should work!

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