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How to eliminate: Use of this functionality requires a SQL Toolbelt license

We have developed a devops process using Jenkins and SCA. On our build server we activated the license by running the following powershell script:
Register-SqlChangeAutomation <serial #>

After doing this, we still get the following message during the build process:
Invoke-DatabaseBuild, SQL Change Automation, Copyright c Red Gate Software Ltd 2014-2018
Use of this functionality requires a SQL Toolbelt license.
If you are unsure of your current user license entitlement please contact licensing@red-gate.com

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    tomaustintomaustin Posts: 1 Bronze 1
    Thanks for your question - What you are seeing is a standard information message that is always displayed during a database build. It is not the result of a failed license check, but instead is expected behaviour for a properly licensed installation. 
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