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SQL Data compare throwing where inexact error

I am using SQL Data compare and getting this error.

Error details:-

Where inexact
unable to use a full row-based where clause on table or view with repeating comparison keys;results may not be as expected.Table or view contains text,image,or xml datatypes.

can you please help me in sorting out this issue.

Thank you


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    sam.blackburnsam.blackburn Posts: 224 Gold 2
    SQL Data Compare uses a "comparison key" to define the uniqueness of rows, in order to determine whether to ALTER each row or DELETE it and INSERT a new one.  The default comparison key is the clustered index, but you can choose your own by picking one or more columns from the Tables & Views tab.

    It is possible that you can end up with duplicate values in the comparison key column(s), in which case SQL Data Compare falls back to putting a WHERE clause against every column in the table, instead of just the comparison key.  However, this approach fails if your table contains columns of certain types that can't be used in a WHERE clause.

    Hope this makes sense!  We'll also look into clarifying the error message in a future version.
    Software Developer
    Redgate Software
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    DailylearnerDailylearner Posts: 5 New member
    Thanks Sam for clarifying it.
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