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SQL Toolbelt updates are painful

I have SQL Toolbelt, which is seems to be marketed, sold, and versioned as a single unit, but when it comes to product updates each individual tool likes to nag prompt me individually. I have to open each tool so it can tell me about the update to then say yes please I'd like the update. 

When I do choose "Install" from the prompt bar, the updater even has the cheek to throw up a splash screen for SQL Toolbelt, but then only offers me the option to update the specific tool as I was in, plus any shared components. 

Why not show ALL tool updates?

Did I miss a better way of doing this?

I think it would be faster to download the full install and start again. Having each tool prompt is just painful.


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    Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    edited April 18, 2019 1:30PM
    I would have said that the Toolbelt is marketed and sold as just that, a toolbelt of a number of different tools.

    Each individual product is developed by a different team with different release cycles and different demands, and there are any number of reasons as to why each team would want to be able to make a point release without having to wait for an overall Toolbelt release, and conversely why we wouldn't want to have to do an entire Toolbelt release just for a single point tool to get a patch out.

    Yes its painful sometimes, we're well aware of it and its on the radar to look at. It's not an insignificant piece of work however.
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    SQL Server development & deployment is accelerated thanks to Redgate.  Just checking if there is a better way of doing software updates to the whole SQL Toolbelt instead of each software application individually.  Below are what is in my redgate SQL Toolbelt Essentials


    1.       SQL Compare Pro 14.0

    2.       SQL Data Compare Pro 14.0

    3.       SQL Source Control

    4.       SQL Prompt 9.5.16

    5.       SQL Data Generator 4.1.4

    6.       SQL Doc 5.0.5

    a.       major update –

                                                                   i.      UI runs as a 64 OS

                                                                 ii.      works on 13, and 14 SQL compare engines

                                                               iii.      distinguishes between file groups and partition schemes in the list of properties on an index

    7.       SQL Multi Script 1.4.16

    8.       SQL Dependency Tracker 3.2

    9.       SQL Backup Pro 10.0.14

    10.   SQL Test 3.1.6

    11.   SQL Search turned on auto-updates!


    Don’t need to update until configured for 1st time use

    12.   DLM Dashboard

    13.   SQL Change Automation

    14.   SQL Monitor

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