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I'm syncing a database source with a script folder (.sqlproj) target using SQLCompare command line.  Is there a way to specify a custom folder structure for the script folder?  I've searched, but haven't found an option to specify a custom folder structure.  

My project is organized like this C:\ProjectName\Schema\ObjectType

C:\CRM\dbo\Stored Procedures
C:\CRM\dim\Stored Procedures
C:\CRM\fact\Stored Procedures

Objects that already exist in the target folder work fine, but new objects use the default folder structure C:\ProjectName\ObjectType, but I need to maintain the C:\ProjectName\Schema\ObjectType structure.


  • SQL Compare creates a configuration file in the scripts folder, usually called RedGateDatabaseProperties.xml.  You may be able to hand-edit this file to describe the directory structure you need.
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