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about unpacking

hi ;
I am looking heavy protection software , I downlaod and use a trial version of 7.0 , I applied all fetures but my application is unpacking by 3. party application , Are u think to improve against unpacking ?


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    dcelikdcelik Posts: 5 New member
    somebody see or hear me ?
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    Making reverse engineering more difficult, or a slower process, is one goal of obfuscation but it isn't the sole goal, and its not always possible. The reality of .NET applications is that they have to be readable when executed in the CLR, so ultimately its impossible to beat deobfuscation entirely. Any obfuscator that promises to do so is being false. You're also hiding pattern flow and logic, and in some cases drastically reducing distributable file sizes. 
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    dcelikdcelik Posts: 5 New member
    Yep , But some protection software get better solution ,maybe it was hard to block permanently , But you can make a difficult and more strong
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