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Version 9.4.15 and tabs not connected

Previous to 9.4.15 when I closed SSMS with open tabs they would open and connect next time I launched SSMS.  After installing 9.4.15 they do not connect.  I hoped that 9.4.16 resolved this but it has not.  So now I have to close any tabs that were open and re-open them in order to connect.  Is anyone else having this issue?


  • LarrLarr Posts: 2 New member
    I'm having the same issue.  Installed  last week and now the tabs are not reconnecting.  In SSMS 2014 I added the connect button to the tool bar so I don't have to close and reopen the tab, but the biggest pain for me is I have tabs across multiple databases and the tool bar db select is slow.

  • SearchingSearching VAPosts: 9 New member
    I Think if you have multiple Redgate packages installed and some are different version then they can conflict between eachother.
  • LarrLarr Posts: 2 New member
    Thanks,  To troubleshoot I removed all the packages and my tabs are now connecting.  Now I'll go back and incrementally reinstall with the latest versions.
  • Thank you.  So based on the replies I updated all of my other Redgate packages to the latest versions but SSMS tabs would still not reconnect tabs.  On a second launch of SSMS I was prompted with a SQL Prompt update that said I need .net version 4.7.2 installed so I installed that and now my tabs are reconnecting again.  When I check for updates it says I'm running the latest so I guess the update was just to inform me to update .net.  All good now.
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