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How to trigger an automated build when checking in changes into Red Gate Source Control

on the product overview page of SCA it says "Trigger an automated build when you check changes into version control with SQL Source Control in SQL Server Management Studio".

How can I achieve this?

I have a Red Gate SQL Source Control in Azure DevOps with GIT. Now when creating a Build Pipeline and using the task "Redgate SQL Change Automation: Build" I have to point to a SCA projekt. But I only have the SQL Source Control project in Azure DevOps.

Do I need both project types? SCA and SQL Source Control?

What I expect:
  1. Developing in SSMS with database connected to SQL Source Control
  2. Commiting changes via Red Gate Source Control
  3. Pushing changes via Red Gate Source Control to Azure DevOps
  4. Automatic Build via Azure DevOps with SCA
  5. Automatic Release via Azure DevOps with SCA

Am I missing something?

Best regards!

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