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How do I fix Dashboard performance issue after a night long of deadlock alerts?

bencst13bencst13 Posts: 3 New member
We had a deadlock occur last night and SQL Server did not resolve it. I had to manually kill a select process for a batch of INSERTs to progress. There were 392K deadlock alerts stacked and waiting in SQL Monitor that morning. Now, the Dashboard has poor performance, taking much longer to load browser pages. Our data purge settings on the SQL Monitor will clear alerts after 3 months - can you suggest a specific action I can take to get rid of the 392K deadlock graphs/alerts (short of purging alert history)?

Best Answer

  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    You could delete all the alerts manually if you're happy to get rid of the data. You'd need to look up the alert type in the alert.alert_type table and then delete correspondingly from the alert.Alert table.

    As ever ensure you have a valid backup before deleting anything.
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