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Problem using version 7 command line options


We've recenlty updated from version 6.9 to version 7.0.
In version 6 we used to execute the following command line to generate a new project for each of the assemblies to obfuscate in our output path:

"C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SmartAssembly 6\SmartAssembly.com" /create "..\bin\es\OurAssembly.saproj" /input="C:\source\bin\es\OurAssembly.dll" /assembly="OurAssembly";nameobfuscate:true,controlflowobfuscate:1,dynamicproxy:true,compressencryptresources:false /stringsencoding=true;improved:false,compressencrypt:false,cache:true /preventildasm=true /typemethodobfuscation=3 /fieldobfuscation=2 /output=$self

However, when we try to execute the same command line using version 7 we get the following error:

SmartAssembly v7.0.1.2089<br>Copyright © Red Gate Software 2005-2019<br>Loading project ourassembly.saproj<br>&nbsp; Input=C:\source\bin\es\OurAssembly.dll<br>&nbsp; Output=C:\source\bin\es\OurAssembly.dll<br>ILDasm Protection on<br>Types/Methods Name Mangling level: 3<br>Fields Name Mangling level: 2<br>Loading main assembly...<br><br>The assembly name 'ourassembly' is not valid for merging or embedding.<br>The following assemblies are valid with the '/assembly' switch:<br>ourassembly<br><br><br>ERROR: At least one of the specified assembly names is not valid.

We have tried to create and configure the project from the GUI using the same settings and both project creation and obfuscation are working as expected. Do you know why our settings are not working when we try to create the project from the command line?


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