SQL Source Control does not recognize deletes

We have run into this scenario on a number of occasions.

Suppose Developer A and Developer B each have their own development instances of a database linked to source control. Developer A drops an object and commits the change to source control. Developer B then tries to Get Latest, but SQL Source Control thinks the deleted object is New in Developer B's instance and it appears on the Commit tab as a New object.

This is easy enough to work around if Developer B notices (he can just drop the objects from his local instance), but in a more complicated situation this could easily be missed.

Is this a bug in SQL Source Control?


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    edited March 29, 2019 10:34AM
    This shouldn't happen. When you link the database in SQL Source Control, did you chose Dedicated model or Shared model? Can you also share some screenshots showcasing the issue as I'm not able to reproduce it.

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