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Perhaps I've missed it, but I'm finding scant documentation on backup encryption. Questions:

1. I'm presuming this encryption is outside the encryption mechanism used by SQL Server. True?
2. What are the requirements and restrictions for the password used to encrypt backups? Is there a maximum password length? Are there restrictions on characters that can be used?
3. When I create a job to restore an encrypted backup, is the password visible in the job step?



  • 1.  True.
    2.  The encryption uses a combination of SHA256 and AES for hasing/deriving the password.  Password length and characters shouldn't matter, though the longer the password, the harder it'll be to crack.  If you plan on using special characters in the password, would suggest testing a backup and restore using them first.
    3.  Yes.  This is intentional, to remind the user that you need to secure the SQL instance.  Even if we encrypted the password, anybody with access to the script can just use the same script with the encrypted password to restore the database, without actually knowing the actual password.
    SQL Backup - beyond compression
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