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Edit Format Style for datatypes in SQL Prompt

I have set a custom format style already.

Thus, when I select all my code and click "Format SQL" it does clean it up nicely; however, I want it to remove the brackets around my data types.

Example what I have: [VARCHAR](50)

What I want it to look like is: VARCHAR(50) -- Note no [   ] 

Is this possible?

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    Mac_FMac_F Posts: 35 Silver 1
    Hi Etienne,

    Yes. There is a way to remove the brackets from all data types. It is Options -> Format -> Styles -> Actions -> Add/remove square brackets = YES, Remove unnecessary brackets = YES
    However this will also remove any other brackets a long with it.

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have an option for just removing the brackets around data types. This would be considered a feature request to add in a later release of SQL Prompt.

    You can post a new feature request on our UserVoice forum here:

    Our product manager uses that as an important resource when deciding new features.

    Best regards,

    Mac Frierson | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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