Cannot commit changes to source control

My database is linked to TFVC. I made simple changes
-Added a new view
-Modified an existing one.

Each time I go to commit the changes, RedGate Sql Source control errors out at the "Checking out files" step with an error as follows:
The operation failed because an object was locked: $/Enterprise/AppDev/SmartInquiry/Database/RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml

I do see the RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml locked by myself (and I am the admin). I also see the new view that I am tryong to commit locked out by Myself. However, they are locked for a Check-In reason. I am assuming RegDate SQL Source Sontrol is locking the files pending Check-in to source control and at the same time trying to checkout the files.

I also cannot get the file to unlock even as an admin - that option is grayed out.
I have tried to unlink/relink the database and yet it is not working.

Not sure what else is needed here?



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