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"Unable to connect to the SQL database." When Using LocalDB

My company is using SmartAssembly as part of its automated build processes.  We recently upgraded to which forced us to start using an SQL Database, when we used to be able to do an mdb file.  We don't even use the Error Reporting tool, we only use SmartAssembly for obfuscation, but no matter what without a proper SQL Database the whole process breaks.

To counteract this, as we don't want our build process dependent on an SQL Server being online, we tried using the LocalDB method as documented on your forums.  The issues is, if our server is running and comes to the SmartAssembly process, everything crashes with the following error:

</code><code>Failed: SmartAssembly.InformationException: Unable to connect to the SQL database.<br>      at ?..(String )<br>      at ?..(TypeAndMethodObfuscator , IEnumerable`1 , Boolean )<br>      at SmartAssembly.Processors.PruningObfuscation.Obfuscator.AdvancedTypeAndMethodObfuscator.(TypeDefinition , TypeDefinitionBuilder )<br>      at SmartAssembly.Processors.PruningObfuscation.Obfuscator.()<br>      at ?..(Obfuscator )<br>      at ?..(ProcessingAssemblyHelper ,  )<br>      at ?..(ProcessingAssemblyHelper )<br>      at SmartAssembly.ProcessingProjectHelper.()
If I open up SmartAssembly on that machine, it immedatly yells at me that the database cannot be connect to.  However, if I go into the settings, change the name of the database, then change it back to what it should be, it all connects.  In addition, after that, if I keep SmartAssembly open in the background on that server then the automated process works fine.  This is not a sustainable solution however, as if we need to reboot and forget to do this "revalidation" process then everything stops working.

My first question is, is there any way we can shut off the SQL Database requirement, considering we don't utilize the feature?  If not, can we get that option in a future version?  If not, why?  My second question is, what can I do in the meantime to fix this issue?


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    CNCKevinCNCKevin Posts: 2 New member
    This sounds like it will suit our needs perfectly.  That said, can we ever got an option to disable this feature in the future?  It would be nice considering we don't use it.
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    Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Glad to hear that @CNCKevin! :)

    It should only need to store information in the SQL Server database if you use any of the following features: error reporting, feature usage reporting, or the lower levels of obfuscation--ASCII or unprintable characters and/or a one-to-one naming scheme. (Using the lower levels or obfuscation allows you to use the Decode Stack Trace feature, and SmartAssembly needs to store the decoding information in the database when they're used.)

    Just to be sure, are you using 
    ASCII or unprintable characters and/or a one-to-one naming scheme?

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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