Is there a way to omit synonym comparison?

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I'm attempting to compare two vendor-created schemas (prod & test). The vendor uses synonyms heavily  (500k of them...its ridiculous). These are useless for my comparison purposes, since I only want to check table/view/stored procedure changes. Unfortunately the comparison takes a really long time to process, presumably because of the volume of synonyms. Is there an option to not compare synonyms at all to cut down on processing time? I've only been able to find the option to remove them from the view AFTER the comparison runs. 


  • Unfortunately SQL Compare doesn't support partial registration of the database schema, however there is a workaround that will achieve the same result if you don't mind creating an extra user account for the SQL Compare connection.

    If you deny VIEW DEFINITION on these synonyms, SQL Compare will not be able to see them.  This may give you the performance boost you need, although of course any dependencies involving the synonyms will be ignored.
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