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How to set "baseline your incremental migrations" in Project Settings.

GurpreetGillGurpreetGill Posts: 26 Bronze 1
edited March 4, 2019 7:02AM in SQL Change Automation

I have below scenario.

Having existing Production Database as well as Development Database.
Created SCA Project, by setting "Production Database" as Target Database and "Development Database" as "development Database"
Baseline script is created and marked as Deployed.
Checked the checkbox "Mark all Programmable Objects/additional scripts as deployed when setting the baseline"

Now when building project, getting below error.

##[warning] DbBuildTask: ERROR X:\xxxx\xxxx\xxxxxx.sqlproj(0,0): Baseline configuration error: If you opt to baseline your programmable objects,
##[warning] you must also baseline your incremental migrations. This can be configured within Project Settings.

How to set "baseline your incremental migrations" ?


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