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Question?Generator Options.

zdoktorovzdoktorov Posts: 5

I want to generate the tables for a data bank
But I have the following problem. I want to separate not all fissures generating only determined from tabelle. What I can do with it I determined tabellen ignore can.Have the Data generator of Red gate .version 1.2


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    If I have understood your question correctly, you want to know if you can generate data for some tables and not others in our database. If this is the case, then all you need to do is uncheck the tables that you don't want to generate data for in the tree on the left hand side of the project screen. If this is not what you meant, please let me know.
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    My problem has become bigger meanwhile: (It is about the following: I have data bank with empty tables and data Class model in format XML. What I wants is, that the test Data generator right and important worth for me from data ClassModel. Xml let out and generates correctly in the generator . What I must do for it. Has seen that generator on the basis of the file CSV can read out such values and in the generator can seat. But how this becomes with my DataClassModel. XML? If you can explain to me please this. This question occupies me since a Wiele a lot. How the generator will know fits which domain to which column. Give me please example.
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    and still what.

    Has thought to me if I the information I need from the DataClassModel.xml in a file CSV writes and then let generator from the file CSV for a table read out the values and generate.
    Then it must work.
    I mean generator exactly this becomes evaluates I need generate in the file CSV stand or? If this functions if I all tables all at once wants to generate. I mine if I a file CSV for all tables create and allow to read the generator of the file? Hope for quick response. Thank you.
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    What would interest me also very much is:

    why split in him where to for example Date of the generation, Owner, Application of the Modelierung etc. with me the exact data do not appear what in the case my name (log ID), tool with which I have the generated (in the case gates REd Data generator) not stands, but appear pointless for me data wie:IOUZUBK opIZOZ) &) =) /

    What I make then Wrong. I simply want to stand in the columns where my log data appearance. Nothing differently!!
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    I've sent you a private message (PM). Check your inbox :)


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