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SQL Data compare : Exclude some standard columns

Hi , is there a way to exclude some standard columns from data comparison from all tables selected?
We have a lot of tables and do not want to exclude several standard columns one by one for each table .


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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Hi @CoenGeurtsen,

    There is no bulk configuration for similar columns I'm afraid. 

    You could possibly edit the XML project file to do this, but this isn't supported.  

    Having said that, this may work for you-

    Whether a column is included or not is controlled in the <TableActions> tags.  I am comparing two databases abtest and abtestPROD, with tables Table_1 and Table_3 that both have a column "asdf".  I have deselected this in both tables and the XML looks like:
    </code><pre class="CodeBlock"><code><code> <TableActions type="ArrayList" version="1"><br> <value version="1" type="SelectTableEvent"><br> <action>DeselectColumn</action><br> <ColumnName>asdf:asdf</ColumnName><br> <TableName>[dbo].[Table_1]:[dbo].[Table_1]</TableName><br> </value><br> <value version="1" type="SelectTableEvent"><br> <action>DeselectColumn</action><br> <ColumnName>asdf:asdf</ColumnName><br> <TableName>[dbo].[Table_3]:[dbo].[Table_3]</TableName><br> </value><br> </TableActions><br>So it should just be a matter of copy/pasting the <value> </value> section and modifying the table name included.

    Kind regards,
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