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SQL Compare deploying object as Create while source control has the object as Create or Alter

ClairePClaireP Posts: 2 New member
I am deploying from my git repository to the production database (I am not using SQL Source Control). The file being deployed is coded with the 'Create or Alter' statement so that we can easily compile in our dev environment while working on the object. The object is checked into source control with the 'Create or Alter' syntax. 

I deployed the object from source control to the production database with SQL Compare. When I do a recompare following deployment, the object is picked up as different because the source control version has the 'Create or Alter' statement but the object in production is deployed with only the 'Create' statement. Using the SQL Compare tool is now useless as it is picking up all files as different between the two environments. 

Is there a setting that has SQL Compare not change the object syntax? The objects are written exactly as we need them deployed and we do not need the deployment tool/process to alter our syntax. 
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