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SQL Compare Hard Crash

When I open the latest version of SQL Compare (13.7) and switch to the 'Owner Mapping' option for selecting schemas to compare, the program begins the comparison process and then has a hard crash where the whole program shuts down w/o warning.

Even when I do not select any options, the program crashes.

I just upgraded from a previous version of SQL Compare earlier because I was unable to do a comparison; I received an error 'Object Not defined' error for the previous version.  I believed the error would be fixed in a later version, but apparently not.


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    Can you please uninstall and reinstall SQL Compare? Here is the latest installer.

    Should problem persists, I'll get back to you in the support ticket as I'd need to take a look of the logs.
    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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    HeatheringtonSteveHeatheringtonSteve Posts: 6 New member
    edited April 8, 2019 7:07PM
    I am also having this issue with the installer posted in this discussion. I have also submitted a support request. My database has synonyms, derived columns, but no temporal tables and is SQL 2016 SP1 Enterprise.

    This seems to be an issue for a while. SQL Prompt and SQL Source Control continue to work fine for me. Both SQL Compare and Data Compare are useless on my primary databases because it fails on the following step (from verbose log):

    13:39:08.282|Info   |SQL Compare Engine  |15 |Reading columns
    13:39:08.291|Info   |SQL Compare Engine  |16 |Reading columns

    The UI dissappears and the exe terminates in rather short order with no explanation or popup box.

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