how to monitor changes at different environments

I have a Database (MyDB)  in ServerA which is used for Development purpose. And I already installed DLM Dashboard's database at the same ServerA.

I copied this DB (with the new name as "MyDB_Test" ) to our Test environment at ServerB which is totally in different server and different network groups.

after that I added ServerB as a new server in the DLM Dashboard's Servers screen and it requested to install/run some scripts. I'm expecting to write/log all these changes to my previously installed database in the ServerA but it write/logs the all changes to ServerB.Redgate database.

Even if I do lots of changes at MyDB_Test (at ServerB), I'm NOT able to see any drifted/updated at the DLM Dashboard homepage. but changes are already exists in ServerB.RedGate.DDL_Events table.

Normally, I'm expecting to see my Development DB, Test DB and Prod DB changes in one Pipeline even if them are different servers.

Is that possible or am I missing something?

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