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"Failed to run SQL Search error 0x80070057" with solution

StyxStyx Posts: 1 New member
SQL Search has been throwing "Failed to run SQL Search error 0x80070057"
Thus far I have tried to install SQL Search with: SSMS 17.9, SSMS 16.5 with 17.9; SSMS 16.5 alone and no SSMS at all.
Nothing got past that error. I also tried to install the SQL Toolbelt and the same error is shown. :(

After a couple of hours I found a solution that worked in my case and as I had already started on this question I'll add it here for future reference.

The problem appears to stem from a Group Policy that stops installers from using the default %TMP% folders. Luckily RedGate already has the solution too. :D
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