How to change the accouunt sql backup uses to perform a backup

I am new to sql backup. Just installed it over the weekend. I scheduled a sql backup job and I do not know where to change the username that the job runs as.



  • Hi Doug,

    The sql backup jobs are ran as the account used for the SQL Backup Agent service.
    You can change the account used as well as the authentication mode for this service.

    To change the account used for this service:
    1. From the Windows Control Panel, select Administrative Tools > Services, or run services.msc.
    2. Select the SQL Backup Agent service for the SQL Server instance: SQL Backup Agent - <instance name>
      Note: The SQL Backup Agent service for the local instance is called just SQL Backup Agent.
    3. Right-click the service and select Properties.
    4. On the Log On tab, specify the account you want the service to log on as. The account must have the permissions listed above. 
    5. Click OK to close.
    6. Right-click the service and select Restart to restart the service and apply your changes. 
    note: You will need to restart the SQL Backup Agent service for the change to take effect.

    The rest of the documentation on SQL Backup permissions can be found here
    I hope this helps
    Mac Frierson | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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