SQL Compare Command-Line Exit Code

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I am using SQLCompare (13.4.8) within an SSIS package and invoking a project with the following command-line:

SQLCompare.exe /project:"\\PathToProject\Project.scp" /sync /include:Identical

When this runs from within the SSIS project, I get an exit code of -532462766

I can run the same command on the SQL Server that the package is running on and get exit code of 0 and no errors.
I can run the same project using the GUI and no errors.  I even tried both of the above running as the proxy service account that is running the SSIS package.  In all of these cases the exit code is 0.  Even running the SSIS package from within Visual Studio produces exit code 0.

In the event log of the SQL Server, there is this "Information" log when the command is ran, however the DB changes ARE deployed.

Error: 55000 Severity: 10 State: 1 Redgate SQL Compare: { "deployment": { "description": "Redgate SQL Compare deployed to PMS", "database": "PMS" }}

Why would I be getting the error code that I am when running the package?



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